Call for Papers: 4th School of Social Sciences International Conference

Starting November 29, 2017 - Ending November 29, 2018 Expired

Globally, efforts aimed at achieving accelerated and sustained economic growth are faced with challenges. While the Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the need for economic development that alleviates extreme poverty, the goals would be meaningless if drivers of socioeconomic transformation are not critically examined, especially in low-income countries in Africa. In order for developing countries to catch up with global development trends, and to benefit from global integration, there is the need to focus on socio-economic transformation. Although Africa is presently in the midst of a transformation, the core question is: how can Africa's socio-economic development be charted in a way that it becomes socially-balanced, sustainable and resilient. Such transition economies do not only offer a test case for concepts and theories, for broader ideas and for the methods of scientific enquiry of key drivers of transformation, but also for the multiplicity of ideological interpretations. The socio-economic transformation discourse, have been shaped by divisions between right-wing elites who espouse market-led approaches and their left-wing counterparts who favour state-led approaches to development. 




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