ENI Award 2018 Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize

Starting December 13, 2017 - Ending December 13, 2018


Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize


1.           Aims:

The Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize is to help new generations of Africa researchers to emerge, offering them the opportunity to attend a PhD course in cooperation with prestigious Italian Universities and research institutes, and supporting their research and innovation on the various scientific topics promoted by Eni Award.


2.         Eligibility

      i.      Candidates must have written a Master's degree thesis on the following topics, water, air and land pollution, rehabilitation and reuse of industrial sites, renewable energy and energy storage, innovative use of hydrocarbons and of the energy efficiency as a bridge to the decarbonisation of the energy system.

       ii.   The theses must have been defended at an African University during 2016-2017.

     iii.   Candidatures must be born in or after 1987.


3.         Application procedures and deadlines:

The candidature application forms are available on the website https://www.eni.com/enipedia/it_IT/modello-di-business/premi-e-riconoscimenti/bando-eni-award-2018.page and must be sent as follows:

i.     The candidature proposal, summary of the thesis, CV and research proposal must be uploaded on the candidate’s private area.

a.   The candidature’s proposal must include a short motivation of candidature; title of the thesis defended; University where the thesis was discussed; candidate details; guarantor details.

b.   The summary of the thesis must include a short abstract of the thesis already defended.

c.    The research proposal must be related to the research project the candidate wishes to develop during the post-graduate course. It could be focused on a single country, an African region or the whole African continent and should clearly indicate:

·      Expected energy and environmental benefits;

·      Project tangible prospects and applicability;

·      Potential socio-economic impact.


The access to the private area must be requested to the Eni Award Scientific Secretariat eniaward@feem.it that will provide an account for the procedure.

ii.    A copy of the thesis in electronic format as well as possible recognitions, certificates, letters of reference, list of publications and the related publications must be sent by e-mail to repository-eniaward@feem.it

iii.  A not compulsory self-made video (of no more than three (3) minutes) describing the main aspects and the applications of the research proposal, will be accepted in the following formats: MOV, MPEG4, AVI, FLV.

iv.  Applications must be presented and guaranteed by academic members of African Universities and research institutes operating in the specific or similar fields for which the prize is awarded.

Self –candidatures will not be considered.


4.         Deadline

The deadline for the presentation of candidatures to the Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa is December 15, 2017 before and no later than 5pm Central European Time (CET).


5.                  The Prize:

Two winners will each be awarded with a customised plaque and a scholarship for the attendance of a 3-year PhD course to be conducted in an Italian university or research institute.