International Workshop: Qualitative Methods in Public Health Evaluation

Starting August 1, 2017 - Ending August 1, 2018

International Workshop: Qualitative Methods in Public Health Evaluation

October 22 – 28, 2017

Accra, Ghana

USAID’s MEASURE Evaluation Project is pleased to announce the international workshop on “Qualitative Methods in Public Health Evaluation,” for English speaking professionals. The workshop is sponsored by the School of Public Health, University of Ghana and MEASURE Evaluation, in collaboration with the Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health). The one-week course will be held October 22 – 28, 2017 in Accra, Ghana.

Taught in English, the course is designed for mid-level health professionals, administrators, program managers, and other professionals involved in the implementation and evaluation of public health programs.  The course provides intensive, hands-on training in qualitative research methods in evaluation with an emphasis on moving beyond basic concepts to explore important considerations of qualitative methods in the context of rigorous evaluation. This is an intermediate level course.

The total course fee is USD 2,485 inclusive of the workshop tuition, accommodation, partial board (breakfast daily and lunch on days when the workshop is in session), and round-trip airport transfers. 

Applications must be submitted to University of Ghana by August 31, 2017.   

A limited number of bursaries will be funded by MEASURE Evaluation for qualified candidates from low and middle income countries. 

Please find a brochure and application form attached. This announcement is not only intended to serve as a means of informing you of the availability of the program, but also to ask for referrals of applicants. There may be promising employees working in monitoring and evaluation of public health programs who would be able to increase their contributions to this field in your country by enhancing their qualitative evaluation skills by attending this workshop.  We would appreciate your forwarding this announcement to potential applicants. 

For more information, contact the MEASURE Evaluation Training Officer: email:, or visit MEASURE Evaluation's website at


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