UG Congregation - Gown collection points



After payment for the Congregation Ceremony, graduands should pick up their Academic Regalia set comprising a gown, hood and cap (mortarboard); and invitation cards at their associate College's Collection and Return Points as follows:

College of Humanities 

Undergraduates - 3 sites as follows:
  • First Class , Third Class and  Pass*:        At the Department  of Sociology  (Excluding BFA & LLB)
  • Second  Class Upper*:        At the Information Centre  (Excluding BFA & LLB)
  • Second Class Lower*:       At the Alumni Centre (Excluding BFA & LLB)
  • BFA graduands:      At the Information Centre 
  • LLB graduands:      At the Law School
​Please note that distribution of gowns for undergraduate Humanities will start on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.
*Check class during online registration to ascertain where to pick up and return your gown and to pick up Certificate
Postgraduates(Except EMBA) : At the School of Graduate Studies (Conference Room), close to School of Nursing.
Postgraduates(EMBA only) : At the UGBS Graduate Campus, East Legon.

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Undergraduates : At the Dean's Office of the respective School under CBAS.

Postgraduates : At the School of Graduate Studies(Conference Room) , close to School of Nursing.

College of Education

Postgraduates : At the School of Graduate Studies (Conference Room), close to School of Nursing.

College of Health Sciences

Undergraduates - At the respective School under CHS.

Postgraduates  -  At the School of Graduate Studies (Conference Room), close to School of Nursing.

Collection is possible throughout the period of registration for the Ceremony.

Graduates are asked to return the rented gowns to the relevant collection point  between Monday, 19th November and Friday, 23rd November 2018, between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.  On return, they will be given their certificate and UG souvenir (UG Scarf or Tie). Failure to return gowns as required during this period will attract a weekly penalty. Late submission should be done at Room D7, Academic Affairs Directorate where the penalty will be determined.