Inter - College Lecture to be delivered by Dr. Abena Animwaa Yeboah-Banin (School of Information and Communication Studies – College of Education)

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 16:30
ISSER Conference Hall


The next Inter - College Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Abena Animwaa Yeboah-Banin (School of Information and Communication Studies – College of Education)

Topic:  Consumer participation in brand selfie activations on social media: Evidence from an emerging African economy


Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time: 4:30 pm

Venue: ISSER Conference Hall

Chairman: Professor Michael Tagoe, Ag. Provost, College of Education  


All are cordially invited.


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As social media takes audiences away from main media and dilutes the opportunities for brands to communicate, marketing communicators must explore innovative means for engagement with brand targets. Brand selfies, the use of selfie photographs showing everyday consumption experiences with a brand, are gaining momentum as one such option. Having been used by several brand giants (.e.g. Apple, Adidas, Unilever AXE etc.) to create viral campaigns that ask consumers to show off their brand use and association, it is clear that brand selfies offer immense opportunities for reach and engagement. However, in developing countries, brand selfie activations may face challenges given low internet penetration and high associated costs. This means that to replicate the brand selfie activation success story in developing countries, several nuanced questions must be addressed including “‘who should be targeted?”, “what factors determine who would participate?” and “what happens beyond participation?”. These questions and others motivate the present study. Using a consumer survey (set in the recent “Kalyppo Challenge” brand selfie activation in Ghana), and discriminant function analysis, the study profiles the ideal brand selfie participant and unpack the factors that drive developing country audiences to participate in brand selfie activations.



Dr. Yeboah-Banin is a lecturer at the Department of Communication studies who holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Leeds and an MPhil in Communication Studies from the University of Ghana.

Her research interests lie in advertising, marketing communications, (marketing) communication research methodology, audience behaviours and the social media-marketing interface.

She has published in several international journals including the Industrial Marketing Management, the Journal of Business Research, and the African Media Review.

She has also presented her work at international conferences including the American Marketing Association Annual Conference, the European Marketing Association and the International Association of Media and Communication Research.