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Forms for Application for Employment:

Academic Staff.(27.0KB)

Senior Level Administrative Position(13.4KB)

Senior Administrative and Professional Staff.(26.1KB)

Junior and Senior Staff.(24.1KB)

Forms for Application for Promotion:

Academic Staff.(20.8KB)

Senior Administrative and Professional Staff.(19.1KB)

Senior Staff.(23.7KB)

Junior Staff.(17.5KB)


Forms for Renewal of Appointment of Senior Members: 
Forms for Application for Leaves:

Sabbatical Leave/Leave of Absence.(14.1KB)

Annual Leave.(23.0KB)

Annual Leave Roster.(15.7KB)

Annual Record and Performance Appraisal Forms:

Forms of annual academic record of Senior Members in Teaching and Research Departments.(21.0KB)

Performance Appraisal Form for Senior Administrative Staff & Professional Senior Members. 

Form for annual performance appraisal of Junior and Senior Staff.(45.6KB)

Form for annual performance appraisal for deputy heads
Form for Head-Teacher
Form for Teachers

Application Form for Flexible Fee-Payment

Click here to Download the Form (PDF).(103 KB)

Click here to Download the Form (MS Word Format).(33 KB)