2017 Alumni Lecture Held

 Dr. Paul Acquah, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana

An alumnus of the University of Ghana, Dr. Paul Acquah, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana has delivered the 2017 Alumni Lecture.  The lecture, which was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, was on the topic, Corruption, Culture and National Development - An Interrogation of Africa’s Experience.

Recalling his entry into the university, Dr. Paul Acquah said he was one of the first crop of graduates to be issued a “home-grown University of Ghana degree”, adding that it was the time when the University of Ghana had to break off its special affiliation to the University of London to become an independent University.

Dr. Acquah noted that integrity was a value to be pursued, and urged Ghanaians to persist in demanding this from public officials and institutions, as there was no alternative.  “It is up to you and I, to insist on our rights as principals in the game and ensure that good governance practices are followed by our agents, the political leaders and public decision makers.”

The lecture was punctuated by series of analogies of corruption which introduced bouts of humour on an issue that touched the very fabric of society.  Maintaining that corruption signaled that something was wrong, Dr. Acquah said: “Corruption has a foul smell and citizens can smell it when it is there”, adding that the opulent lifestyles of public office holders was a strong indicator of the presence of corruption.

In closing remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Oduro Owusu, called on heads of public institutions to endeavour to leave a good legacy.



At the end of the lecture, the Alumni Association conferred life membership status on Dr. Paul Acquah, and made a presentation to him.  The presentation was done by the Chairman of the University of Ghana Alumni Association, Mr. Kwesi Yankey and Mrs. Adelaide Benneh, Member of the Alumni Council.

The lecture was attended by officials of the University, members of the Alumni Council, former office holders of the University, members of the university community, alumni and friends of the University.


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