Vice-Chancellor’s Green Project Receives a Boost from “WECARE”

Lead person for WeCARE, Rita Weidinger, Explaining a point to the tree planting group.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Green Project has received a boost from “WECARE” to support the greening and beautification programme currently on-going on the University of Ghana main campus and Distance Learning Centres throughout Ghana.

WeCARE – Christians Advocating Respect for the Environment, is a Christian Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which works to protect and save the mother earth, based on Christian Values.

WeCARE are concerned with the destruction of the environment, climate change, flooding, heat, waste, deforestation, illegal mining and clean environment among others. They, therefore, support tree planting in schools, public spaces, and homes. They also support talks in schools on environmental issues, waste management exercises and provide free tree seedlings to the general public.

When WeCARE heard about the Vice-Chancellor’s efforts in greening University of Ghana Campus, they approached the Green Team to offer their support. This culminated in the donation of over Four Thousand (4,000) seedlings of various tree species to the University.

Sample of the donated tree seedlings on display

The Vice-Chancellor speaking to the School children who participated in the tree planting exercise

This was further climaxed with a joint tree planting exercise involving the Grounds & Gardens Unit of the Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD). The exercise stretched from the PRESEC Junction to the Trinity Theological Seminary Road in which three hundred (300) seedlings were planted. Over Fifty Volunteers from WeCARE including twenty School Children as well as forty personnel from University of Ghana participated in the exercise.

The Vice-Chancellor explaining a point to the Co-Chair of the Green Team, Dr. Benjamin Ofori

WeCare also accepted the challenge of the Vice-Chancellor to adopt the open space in front of the University Hospital to develop it into a health park. WeCare has since undertaken preliminary plantings which they have extended to the hospital proper.

It will be recalled that on April 21, The Green Project planted close to Three Thousand (3,000) tree seedlings on various section on Legon Campus. This involved all Staff Unions: UTAG, GAUA, FUSSAG and TEWU as well as Lions Club (Legon Chapter) and University Staff Village Residents Association.


Section of the group who took part in the tree planting exercise