Centre for European Studies Holds Retreat for Adjunct Fellows

Participants/Adjunct Fellows at the Retreat

The Centre for European Studies (CES), University of Ghana held a weekend retreat to review and discuss the CES draft MA Programme in European Studies.  The retreat which brought together a carefully selected interdisciplinary Adjunct Fellows drawn from various departments, Institutes, Schools and Centres of the University of Ghana at the International Students Guest Centre, in Teiman, near Abokobi from Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th November. 

In his introductory remarks, Professor Ransford Gyampo, Director of CES noted that the Centre worked with a commissioned expert in January 2017 to draft the mounting of an MA Programme. The retreat was therefore planned to discuss and review the draft Programme and to build a sense of ownership of the Programme among adjunct fellows of the Centre.  The retreat, he also mentioned, was also to solicit input of adjunct fellows of CES on how the programme could be modified, strengthened and enriched and be made comparable to what pertains in other Universities across the globe where European Studies as a programme is mounted and taught.


Prof. Ransford Gyampo, CES Director and Dr. Ababio, Head of History Department co-chairing a session

Commenting briefly on the draft Programme, Prof Gyampo noted that European Studies generally is a multidisciplinary field studied in many academic institutions focusing particularly on European integration. He noted that the draft Programme was carefully crafted to promote understanding of the developments, workings, policies, and limitation of European institutions. The draft programme also contains courses that could foster student awareness of European history, culture, languages as well as the political and the socio-economic issues facing contemporary Europe.  Prof Gyampo expressed optimism that students who would sign on to the Programme would gain a firm understanding of the core issues affecting daily lives in Europe in a manner that broadens their horizon and outlook.

Professor Gyampo added that after the retreat, the draft programme would go through all the necessary processes for approval, at the level of the University of Ghana and the National Accreditation Board.  He was hopeful these processes will be completed for the programme to be mounted from the beginning of 2019.  He thanked all adjunct fellows for taking time off their busy schedules to be part of the CES retreat.

Dr. Amanda Coffie (LECIAD) and Dr. Juliana Appiah (LECIAD) were there